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Sulumi & Dead J @ XP

Echo Books, Dalian

Echo Books is a bookstore, coffee shop, bar and live venue in Dalian, China. It’s run by Xie Yugang from the post-rock band Wang Wen (惘闻)

许波 & 朱文博 @ XP

Soviet Pop & WHITE+ @ XP

Residence A & 有喜 @ XP

Never Before @ 13 Club

Market @ XP

Glow Curve, Streets Kill Strange Animals & the Dyne @ XP

孟奇 @ XP

Syndrome WPW & Wanderlust @ Hot Cat

Li Jianhong & Mind Fiber @ XP

Mr. Graceless @ The Opposite House

Alpine Decline & Skip Skip Ben Ben @ XP

三噪谷, 张守望 & 有喜 @ XP

Zoomin’ Night @ XP

Los Crasher @ Temple

Rolling Bowling @ Hot Cat

Noodle In

Noodle In is a skinhead restaurant opened by Lei Jun and staffed by his band Mi San Dao


XP Opening

Strawberry Festival